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Forms & Info Links

Click on any of the following links to download pertinent information, required to participate in the Jonesboro Band Program. All students are responsible for turning in the appropriate forms in a timely manner. Should you have any questions, contact Mr. Goodwin, as soon as questions arise.

Band Practice

New Band Schedule Coming Soon!!

Please remember that the expectation is that all aspiring marching band members attend!


2021 - 2022 Band Dues

Band Fees ($195.00)

Band Shirt/Shorts (2): $40.00

Spats/Gloves: $15.00

Socks: $15.00

Visor: $5.00

Equipment Fee: $15.00

Instructor: $20.00

Dry Cleaning: $10.00

Windsuits: $75.00

Marching Band/Band Manager Payment Deadlines


July 31st:             1st Installment at Least  $65.00


August 14th:       2nd Installment at Least $55.00


September 1st:    3rd Installment at Least $45.00


September 18th: 4th Installment at Least $30.00

Medical Profile Form
Band Handbook
Summer Activities
Media Release
Summer Requirements 
CCPS Summer
Release of
Band Class Syllabus
Dues One Sheeter
Student Leadership Forms
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